DesignerTails Story

designertails ponytail wrap accessoryHave you ever wanted a fast, easy way to hide that 10-cent ponytail elastic? Designer Susan Barnard solved the problem with DesignerTails, the easiest, fastest, luxury ponytail accessory on the market.

DesignerTails were conceived in 2012.  It took five years of working with a variety of manufacturers to find just the right combination of product elements and companies that could consistently and reliably produce the best leather cuffs.  Many manufacturers didn't make the cut. After development was complete and manufacturing started, we located top photographers and models to showcase our luxury cuffs, so you could see how perfect they look for all occasions.  Stay tuned to our blog and this site as we share behind-the-scenes stories of the people and processes with you. We are proud of our high standards and and grateful for the contributions of every one of our American factories and their hard-working people!