Care Instructions

1.  As with all leather products, avoid chemicals, solvents, hair spray, water.  Apply your DesignerTail after you have applied your hair products, such as hair spray.

2.  The inside of your DesignerTail is a stainless steel spring that will not rust or degrade and is inherently designed to recoil 25,000 times! Fun fact: If you opened the spring once a day it would recoil for 68+ years!  Do not bend the spring beyond the flat position.  Do not kink, bend, or crush it.  With these simple precautions, your product may last a lifetime!

2.  To clean -wipe with a damp cloth.  Store in a dry place. Avoid sharp objects that may scratch or puncture the leather.

3.   If you apply leather protector - use it only occasionally, not routinely.

Every effort was made to bring you the most streamlined design and most dependable quality possible.  We stand behind our products with a 5-Year Guarantee. (See section -  Guarantee.)